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The ins and out of World of Cooking


World of food is a self-developed site to pay tribute to Chefs and food around the world. It features an article on Massimo Bottara and his restaurant in Italy with a focus in his fine dining, local organic produce and unique recipes.

World of cooking was designed using high resolution images to show off the chef's dishes and using clean colours to help the images stand out. I used accent colours of black and yellow in the header and footer of the site. I also used a dark overlay witch applies when the user hovers over a image to help direct attention to the article. I also added a fade in effect when the user navigates through different pages on the site


World of food was developed using a lot of Jquery to add a parallax effect to the main images when the user scrolls. The images slowly fade-out and move at a different speed as the title and the background!

Also using a swing effect on the navigation when the user click on a different article to be directed to a different part of the page.