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The ins and out of Music Online


Music Online was developed for a college project. The design of the site was evaluated from a client brief. I used a basic colour scheme to allow the content to stand out. I used large images to draw the user's attention towards the main focus point of the website.

I used a grid format to group related content together and allow the user to easily locate important content. The website was designed and developed for mobile devices and user experience techniques were used to evaluate the usability of the website.


The website was developed using PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and Javascript. The website included a search feature that allowed the users to easily search for items easily. The website included PHP security features such as password hashing, user input validation and trimming and prepared statements.

The website included a check out feature that allowed users to add items to their cart and allows users to access their profile page. The profile page provided order information to the users. The profile page also allows users to change their password and personal details.