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The ins and out of Learn Today


Learn is an application I designed and developed for my Client-side scripting for mobile applications class. This application is designed for school kids, their teachers and their parents.

The first page is a landing page with links asking the user to select a page. The user can choose from the pupil page, the teachers page of the parents page. The parent page is aim towards parents. On this page they can purchase books for their children and view a running total. This is done using Javascript.


The pupils page has a couple of challenges for the pupils such as a calculator, a right angled triangle calculator and a quiz. All the challenges are done using loops, arrays, functions, variables and build-in Javascript functions.

The teachers page is designed for the pupils teacher. On this page the teacher can update and store the pupils names and scores into an array and display the results on the page. This page also uses Javascript validation to validate a username and password on the page. This is completed using Javascript validation.